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Alrighty, let's do this!

Name: Stephanie (Aka. Steffi, or whatever you may call me)

Interests: Steampunk, Abstract thoughts, Psychology, Philosophy, Victorian Macabre, and Cyberpunk.

Weaknesses: Seeing people that I like mad at me

Strengths: My imagination and my abilities to make people smile~

My Dreams: To become a videogame producer and also to dance at the Moulin Rouge at least once.
Really, I mean could you believe it either?!
It just tasted so much like it!
(Honestly, I don't even like real butter, give me a tub of margarine anytime!)


But beyond that uselessness, I just decided to give myself a little updating in the journal department.
ESPECIALLY because I've learned a pathetic skill that I've always wanted to learn on Deviantart too.

:bulletred: <----- Yes those.



Now I can actually put my journals into categories, call me lame.
But I am freaking excited out of the membrane about this.

But any useful updates for this time around?

Not really.
Look a distraction! :iconoverruledplz:

:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::iconsparklesplz:My Original Stories:iconsparklesplz::iconnoneplz:

These are a couple of quick story ideas that I've made up in my spare time. They aren't the best or make the most sense, but oh well! xD

:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::bulletred: The Unfortunates :bulletred:

A tale of two brothers both deemed useless by their overbearing father, whom had separated the brothers from one another once of their mother's death. Through the years both Lucas and Harry forged their ways through pain and hard times.
The brothers wonder about one another everyday in hopes to see each other again and this wish would be granted.


Only in all of the worst kinds of ways.

:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::bulletblue: Doll Wars :bulletblue:

It was a beautiful day in France, little children ran through the streets and everything seemed perfect. Until the war with Sweden had arrived on hellbent wings. There arrives the countess Petunia Angelique Meilleur, who was as beautiful as her named described her to be. Petunia succeeded in almost everything that she strived to do, a golden child to the public eye but with a little bit of sass underneath her perfect exterior. The Prince, Antoine, was the first to notice the radiant beauty and decided to cancel the war if he could marry her. Petunia with relentless doubt accepted his hand in marriage and all looked well for her country until one day. Antoine was murdered, poisoned to death. Petunia being tried for murder countless times became troubled and through her teary eyes she had seen a small lady with a flask of poison in her hand. The brand new Queen, Blenda.

And this is where the War begins.

:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz::bulletgreen: Escaping the Devil :bulletgreen:

To put the truth in karma, we introduce Sebeknakt. A man who was as cruel as the sun was hot and was punished for his crimes justly. He was sentenced to death after his onslaught on an innocent village, waking up with scorched skin and razor sharp teeth that stabbed his tongue, he found himself rotting in the deepest pits of hell. He suffered for thousands of years underneath the firey pits of the inferno, repenting for everything that he once found to be luxury, Sebeknakt was a changed man with pure intentions. With the formation of the planets to be exact, Sebeknakt could feel himself being lifted from his curse and brought to the real world as an immortal demi-god. His mission had become simple; he wanted to feel death's loving arms cuddle him and take him to true freedom. This meant that he needed to travel to the holy land before the formation of the planets became out of place, only giving him a small time frame to finally put an end to his misery once and for all.

Here's just a quick list of what is to be coming up~
It's just taking me longer than expected because I discovered that I'm really camera shy

1) Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within
2) Space Channel 5 (Parts 1&2)
3) Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness
4) Silent Hill 4: The Room
5) BC Racers
6) Knuckles Chaotix
7) Sonic Jam
8) Resident Evil 4
9) Resident Evil Outbreak
10) RPG Maker 3

~And as you all already know~

(The icons helped me look cool right? :D)


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Since your never on this site, you will never notice this masterpiece I've left on your page. What a shame. SHAAAAAAME!
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I just need to get all my other bullpoopy done before I start really getting stuff done again! xP
But I will, I pwomise!
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